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When facing a divorce, you need to know that your legal team is there for you and that your attorney truly cares about the outcome of your case.

At Goldblatt, Cohen & Legum, P.C., you will find a Norfolk family law attorney with experience and a personal commitment to providing you with sound counsel and strategic, individually tailored representation. We represent people from all walks of life in all types of divorce-related legal issues. Attorneys from our firm have been representing Virginia clients since 1927.

We Represent Clients In Divorce And Legal Separation Matters Involving:

  • Child custody : In every divorce in which children are part of the picture, it is of the utmost importance to come up with an appropriate custody agreement that will work for both parents over the long term while protecting the interests of the children.
  • Child visitation : In addition to child custody, a parenting plan usually involves a significant visitation component. Our law firm understands the weight of this issue and the enormous impact on both you and your child. We will negotiate an agreement that will be equitable to everyone involved, acceptable in the eyes of the court and drafted to protect the rights and interests of the children. If necessary, we will fight aggressively to assure these rights.
  • Property settlement agreements : It is no simple task to divide debts and assets equitably in a way that both parties will accept. With decades of legal experience and an MBA, attorney Steven M. Legum has a sophisticated knowledge of the nuances and complications involved with the division of assets in divorce and separation in Virginia.
  • Support issues : At Goldblatt, Cohen & Legum, P.C., we represent clients in child support and custody matters. Whether you are the spouse who will receive or pay support, we will work to obtain the best outcome possible in your case.

We also handle related family law matters, including paternity, divorce and custody modifications and enforcement, protective orders and other related issues.

Whenever possible, we work to resolve our clients’ conflicts without having to litigate the issues. Through mediation and other forms of negotiation, we are often able to work out favorable arrangements efficiently and equitably. However, when settlement negotiations are not successful, we have decades of trial experience on our side. We will fight for your rights aggressively in the courtroom when necessary.

Military Divorce

As a member of military facing divorce or other family matters, it is critical to work with an attorney who has experience handling the unique complications that arise in this context. We also have a wealth of experience handling all legal matters associated with military divorce.

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